What are the Best Phone Cases for Inteliscope?

By December 23, 2016Thermal Rifle Scope
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When you’re deep in the woods, your smartphone is your lifeline. It can be your single most important connection to the outside world. It’s easy enough to protect it during ordinary day to day use, but how can you keep it secure when you’re using it in an extraordinary way (i.e. hunting), something more than just slipping it out of your pocket to send a quick text or to check Facebook?

The Inteliscope app works through your smartphone to offer perfect aim every time whether you’re on the hunt or at the range. To utilize the app, your cell phone must be slipped into a specially designed mount that is attached to your gun. Have you ever noticed the amount of mud splatters, scratches and nicks your guns display after a trip to the woods? With a constant barrage of obstacles, it is important to protect your gun-mounted phone.                                                               

In this post, we wanted to give you 4 cases we recommend when taking the Inteliscope into the woods, to the range, playing field or tactical training course.

smartphone caseOtterbox Defender

The Otterbox Defender series offers loads of protection for the iPhone collection and is a trusted name in the cell phone case industry. With plenty of options, you are sure to find a case that will ward off the scratches and bumps that come with being hauled through the woods. And there is a variety of camo patterns to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about your case clashing with your natural surroundings.

Taktik Strike by Lunatik

smartphone taktic strikeIf you don’t find what you’re looking for with Otterbox, check out Taktik Strike cell phone cases. Boasting an ample 9 mm Impact Truss for optimal shock absorbency and ballistic bezels, this piece keeps your device safe from a multitude of drops, bangs and knocks. And sealed ports block dust and debris from penetrating your audio and charging points. For the shooter who is rough on his equipment, this case offers loads of protection. 


gundam smartphone caseGundam cases are crafted from aluminum and feature a shock-absorbing interior layer to direct the force of impact away from your phone. The frame screws together at the corners, making it virtually impossible for your phone to dislodge from its protective surroundings in the event of a fall. And to keep the delicate touch screen safe from scratches, you’ll enjoy the screen protector that is a component of this protective set up. 

Tech 21

Tech 21 offers a large selection of cases that will take all the punishment you can dish out. These cases are specially engineered to protect without hindering your signal and feature optional screen protectors with BulletShield ™ technology to ward off scratches and fractures. With cases to fit a large variety of smartphones, there’s sure to be one that’s just right for you. 


smartphone case for inteliscope

The average gun seldom takes a tumble, but if yours hits the ground or gets whacked against a tree trunk, wouldn’t it be nice to know your Inteliscope mounted phone won’t suffer damage as a result? Check out your options for protective phone cases and make the pick that best suits your needs. The peace of mind that comes with the proper protection will free you up to focus on more important things, like taking aim and squeezing off the perfect shot.


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