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  • The FREE Inteliscope App
  • The Inteliscope Pro+ Mount
  • The SEEK® XR Thermal Camera
  • The SEEK® Adaptor Kit with Cables

How the Inteliscope thermal rifle scope works:

Inteliscope is a durable and rugged rifle mount and free hunting/shooting app for your smartphone. The PRO+ mount adapts the technology of SEEK Thermal’s Compact XR and PRO (coming soon) thermal camera to create a low-cost thermal rifle scope. Thermal technology combined with Inteliscope gives hunters, shooters, police officers, and airsoft/paintball players a low-cost advantage.

Hogs have become difficult to hunt and more nocturnal due to hunting pressure. A thermal rifle scope gives you the ability to see at night whether you’re using a feeder light, spotlighting, or bait cages to take down more hogs. Don’t spend thousands on a thermal scope when you have one right in your pocket.

Inteliscope also works great for coyotes and other varmints when hunting at night. Use Inteliscope for ridding your property of coons, opossums, rabbits, and other pests.

When putting meat in the freezer is more important than sport—thermal vision gives you an added advantage to see into dense cover or through the fog and track blood trails so your prize doesn’t disappear. Using a thermal rifle scope can be a handy tool when hunting whitetail deer from a tree stand. Inteliscope can also be mounted to your bow giving you the only thermal scope for archery in the world.

Turkey hunting with Inteliscope is a great way to teach kids how to shoot. By utilizing a turkey blind, you can easily guide your young hunter to place that critically important headshot.

Handicapped Shooters
For some, maintaining the cheek-to-weld position can be an impossibility. Inteliscope can help handicapped shooters get back to enjoying hunting and shooting.

Airsoft and Paintball
By using a durable phone case, you have a cool and different way to tech-out your rifle on the playing field. Use Inteliscope as your primary airsoft scope, and then add SEEK thermal to locate snipers and competitors for night games.

Inteliscope is the only thermal rifle scope product on the market that gives you these capabilities and more for under $500. And since it uses your smartphone, you’ll be able to record video while having access to your other favorite hunting, shooting and navigation apps. If you love the advantages of smartphone technology as much as we do—Inteliscope might be what you’re looking for.