Top Ten Inteliscope Questions:

1.) Will the recoil hurt my Phone?

Absolutely not. We have delivered thousands of Inteliscope PROs. Customers have shot hundreds of thousands of rounds and we have never had a single complaint of recoil damage. That said, I would not put it on a 50-Cal

2.) Do I need to re-zero Inteliscope after I take the phone off?

Nope. There is a tool in the sight in window that allows you to line up an arrow with a feature on the mount. This allows you to put the phone in exactly the same place after removing it so you don’t need to sight it in every time. Also, we recommend using a phone case with a flat back, otherwise it can rock a little when you attach it which can cause problems with accuracy.

3.) Does this work on iPhone 6, 6+, and Galaxy Note?

Yes it will! The Inteliscope PRO mount already works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ as well as the Galaxy Note and any other smartphone for that matter. The app will work on any phone that runs the most current version of iOS or Android.

If you get one of the bigger phones I would suggest getting an Inteliscope BOLT KIT. This has an extra-long bolt included that will allow you to mount the bigger phones and cases.

4.) Can I record video with all the Heads-Up-Display information?

Yes you can. With the latest Inteliscope app – Just select the video tab in settings, tap the video you want to record, and select “send” in the upper right corner. You will receive an email with a YouTube link including the complete video.

5.) Are there other apps I can use with Inteliscope?

Tons! The Inteliscope app is great for tactical ranges and for shooting around corners without exposing your head but not much good for long ranges just because it is limited by the phones optics… Some are better than others. I like to use it with a free bullet drop calculator called Spot-On for long range, with my glass scope on top and my phone on the side.

There are literally thousands of other apps that can do everything from animal calls to locating your buddies on a map.

6.) How do I get my purchased reticles to show up?

Easy. If you have purchased any of our reticles from the reticle library but they are not showing up, just tap the “ALL” button in the top right corner of the “Optics” tab in the “Settings” menu and then tap any one of the reticles shown below. In the top right corner tap the “Buy Now” button. On the next screen select the bottom choice to upload all your purchased reticles.

7.) Can I zoom in with the Inteliscope app?

YES! Simply tap the reticle at the center of the screen, select the level of zoom you like, and tap the black numbers to return to shooting mode.

8.) The app is upside down. How do I fix that?

This is a common issue that is super easy to fix… Go into your phones display settings (not the Inteliscopes settings) and toggle the feature that allows auto rotation – done!

9.) My app is not working right. What is the problem?

99.9% of the time a customer has any trouble with the app not working quite right it is due to the version of operating system they have on their phone. Install the latest OS on your phone to fix the problem.

10.) What is the best choice for thermal imaging?

We are currently looking at FLIR ONE, SEEK Thermal, and Therm-App as three options for thermal imaging. Each one of these options has pros and cons.

I currently have a FLIR ONE that I use with my Inteliscope but the resolution is quite poor so it is not very useful. Therm-App has a wonderful resolution but it currently only works with Android plus the price point is a whopping $1600! SEEK thermal seems like a good alternative but I have tried several times to contact them and I just cannot get any info from the manufacturer.

Due to the limitations of each option above we have decided to hold off on the significant investment required to adapt any of these devices to our Inteliscope app.

We are currently looking at developing a 30mm tube type IR camera that can be plugged into any phone with USB. It could be mounted to any Picatinny rail and the IR stream could be switched on and off within the phone through our Inteliscope app.

This will take a few months to implement at least but we feel it is the best option with regard to quality and cost for our customers.

Does the app use wind measurements from web-based sources? If so, what sources?

The app captures real-time local prevailing wind direction and velocity in the heads up display. This is downloaded from the weather service.

How much is the app?

The app is included in the price of the mount. In fact, you can download it at no cost right now.

What reticle options are available? Will options be added to the app?

Currently, there are 4 standard reticles in the software. We offer additional reticle packs as an in-app purchase.

Does the reticle hold zero? Should the phone be removed and reattached?

You can remove the phone and replace it on the mount and it will hold zero. For the PRO version, use the slider bar in the settings screen to set the smartphone in the same location each time. For the iOS version, ensure that you use the same mounting holes each time.

How do you zero the reticle?

Shoot a group of rounds and measure the distance to the target center in X and Y, then adjust the group using the zeroing tool in the settings menu. It is very intuitive.

How do I set bullet drop compensation?

Tap the reticle. Using the scrolling wheel, set the estimated distance to the target (in yards). Tap the screen again and the BDC calculator will adjust the drop by moving the reticle accordingly.

I can’t see the screen in bright sunlight. Do you have any suggestions?

You may find it helpful to wear polarized lenses. Also, we are considering the development of a shade shroud accessory.

Can this system handle the forces of real or simulated full auto?

We have used Inteliscope with the Slidefire AR-15 rifle stock with no issues.

Can I use this with my Galaxy Note?

Yes, The Inteliscope Pro will work with the Galaxy Note. However, if you put it in a case, it will be too tall to fit. We currently support phones (or phones in cases) that are 3.2″ or shorter.

What version of the app is required?

For iOS, version 6. for Android, version 3.

My mount becomes loose when I fire my rifle

This issue was due to insufficient screw torque on some early units. We have made design adjustments to fix the problem. Please do not use it and contact us right away. We will exchange it at no cost.

The screen shows the reticle but has a black background.

This is a software issue in versions before 1.3. Please uninstall it by holding your finger on the icon until it starts to shake. Touch the small “X” at the top left corner of the icon and select “yes” when it asks if you want to delete it. Then go to the app store and reinstall the latest version.

I have followed your instructions to install the latest app but have issues.

If you experience a bug that is not resolved in the latest version of the software, please contact us right away with information about the phone and app version. We will evaluate your problem and work with you to resolve it.

Do you have a Windows phone version of the app?

Not at this time.

How do I increase or decrease the zoom?

Tap the reticle and a zoom tool will come up. Tap the “+” or “-” and then tap the X at the top to accept the setting.

What is the distance limitation for sighting and shooting accurately?

The Inteliscope app is a tactical device and intended for distances less than 100 meters. The optics in the smartphone are not good enough to go beyond that. The range setting is available to 300 yards for future built-in glass optics enhancements.

Can I put this on my 50 cal or another big rifle?

Hmm… We would recommend being cautious about putting this on a 50 cal or something with that kind of punch. Ideally, a rifle of that size would use a great muzzle break or some other kind of recoil reduction. It may be nice to use it on this sort of long-range rifle for doing shot drop calculations or just recording video but we can’t say it would hold up to the recoil or the shock wave of a 50 cal or another big rifle with zero recoil suppression.

Does the smartphone hold up to recoil?

Our product development team has fired thousands of rounds through various smartphone types on several different firearms, including (but not limited to), an SR-25 (308) an AR-15, UTS-15 (12 gauge), 45 Auto, and an 11-87 12 gauge shotgun. Additionally, thousands of customers are using their smartphones on various rifles with no complaints. If you have an issue with recoil, we urge you to contact us immediately.

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