The Best Night Vision Scopes For Coyote Hunting – 2023

Night Vision Scopes For Coyote Hunting

Are you looking forward to a more exciting coyote hunting spree next season but are unsure which scope is most effective for your rifle? 

There are a variety of high-tech, multiple-feature night vision scope brands on the market competing for your attention. Therefore, it’s expected that you are skeptical about getting the best night vision scope for coyote hunting.

Several digital night vision scopes with whole ranges of evolving features and accessories recurrently find themselves on the display market. 

To acquire the best variety of night vision scopes with competent and useful designs, it’s necessary to consider the type and pattern of shootings to embark on, as well as your personal choice requirements for an adventurous hunting session.  These factors help you select the most suitable rifle scopes to do the job.    

Determining which night vision scope has the perfect combination of features and requirements is essential to avoid a frustrating nighttime hunt.  Coyote hunting is particularly easy during winter nights and requires the best quality night vision scope. It’s necessary to consider purchasing the best night vision scope with effective and trustworthy features.

Night Vision Riflescopes For Coyote Hunting – Reviews

The retailing market provides a variety of night vision riflescopes with competitive high-tech properties and superficial conveniences. If you want to experience a special coyote hunting spree, you must first consider having efficient equipment, including your medium to high-caliber rifle.

Also, Coyotes are one wily creatures ever; with their high sensitivity to sight and smell, you want to track them from a distance with a standard visibility Riflescope. For the peculiarity of night-time hunting, you must be mindful of significant features like highly designed infrared illumination and long-range visibility for precise target marking and shooting of the prey.

To guide you on purchasing the best rifle scope product for a terrific nocturnal coyote hunting ride, here’s a smart review of the top 5 best rifle scopes equipped with high-tech properties and functional abilities

Editor's Choice
ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition

  • Enhanced HD resolution and faster optics
  • Simultaneous video/ recording abilities  
  • Superior battery quality with ultra-low energy consumption
  • Ideal for outdoor game hunting.
  • Perfect RangeFinder with long-range competency!

The first riflescope on our review is this latest improved and excellently designed ATN X- sight 4k pro edition 5-20x smart HD day and night riflescope with super quality and enhanced features. This brand has various high-tech accessories that perfectly suit outdoor shooting day and night. For one thing, the ATN X-Sight 4k Pro Edition 5-20x Smart HD is modeled with an enhanced HD night vision mode.  

The riflescope features a super-sensitive 4k resolution Ultra HD sensor and dual-core processor, which allows you to concurrently record videos and stream videos right to your smartphone using wifi. This is done by providing a fantastic image. Its glass lens material aids focus range from 10m to infinity. It’s equally configured to see with or without your glasses on clearly. Sighting your scopes has never come easiest with its one-zero shot features. 

The ATN X-Sight 4k classic design has a standard 30mm mounting ring with Picatinny rails compatible with about any caliber-sized rifle. Its 18-hour minimum ultra power consumption level is virtually competent for an all-night till dawn hunt. This exclusive rifle scope also caters for odd weather with its fog, water, and weatherproof qualities. 

With the classic ATN X- Sight 4k, you’ve got a pretty intelligent range definition detection valuing 10 metres. What more? Of course, many other accessories include multiple reticles, eyecup, USB-C cable, sunshades, scope cover, and lens tissue.

Top Pick
Sightmark Wraith HD Riflescope

Sightmark Wraith HD Riflescope

  • Great compatibility features and imaging for day and night mode
  • A 2x optical system for up To 16x magnification
  • Very effective features for major outdoor shootings
  • High-resolution imaging with video recordings
  • Easy model to insert outbound accessories

The second product on our review list is this riflescope that’s awesome, not just for nighttime coyote hunting but equally perfect for daytime sports hunting. 

The SightMark Wraith HD Digital riflescope is designed with dual day/ night light mode, emitting a full reality image during the day with black and white and classic green for night mode.

This reliable riflescope with high technology properties provides a full range of accessories, including an IR flashlight for easier and farther detection, up to 200 yards additional distance image range.  The rifle scope has an objective lens cover that helps secure the ocular lenses away from dust and fractions. 

Equipped with a super high-definition sensor, the riflescope provides impressive resolution imaging and video recording for optimal coverage. It also features a memory card slot to record extra photos and videos and update the firmware. It has a micro USB for photo and video export and an outboard additional power supply. 

A detachable eyecup accompanies the scope, which seizes light dispersion at night and enhances easier viewing for daytime targets to aid accurate shooting. 

The weaver rail is a customized feature integrated into the Wraith HD, which allows you to add other outbound accessories as desired for enhanced comfort and usability. 

This fantastic product comes with different well-built reticle options that offer the user numerous fields of view ( FOV) and equally offer the maximum level of eye relief for the shooter. The reticle comes in nine different colors for easier and more accurate aiming. The product is easily adaptable, with several varieties of rifles and major outdoor hunts.

3. TheOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k Pro 5-20x

No. 3
3. TheOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k Pro 5-20x
9.6/10 Our Rating

The Optic Guru ATN X-Sight 4k PRO is, like many of its similar X-sight brands, is a blend of the traditional rifle scopes design and the recent digital smart scopes, incorporating the excellent qualities of both.  

The OpticGuru design amongst its many features has great optic quality, with its obsidian IV dual-core processor and ultra HD sensor which conveniently satisfies your all-night till dawn hunting cruise. 

Its black and white image sustains great visibility for nighttime hunting, while daylight recreates realistic imaging with its rich color platform. The ability to zoom for proper image viewing and aiming just about renders this product as superb. 

The opticGuru ATN X- Sight is a guaranteed bet for one-shot zero in target hunting, with its dynamic and adjustable reticles. Now, you can shoot and target precisely!

Obsidian IV property feature also affords proper live video streaming at HD Resolution while it simultaneously records at full 1080p, and saves to the SD card. 

What an exciting adventure! You can live stream and record images and videos at no single stress with the recoil activated video which automatically stores video in SD card.

Why We Like This Product:

  • Can be mounted conveniently on any platform
  • Superb streaming and recording features with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Final Verdict:

The Optic Guru ATN X Sight 4k PRO 3-14X conveys a blend of the latest digital technology night vision scopes with the traditional quality scope form to offer smart feature selections for kill target shooting. 

4. BOBLOV Digital Night Vision Monocular

No. 4
4. BOBLOV Digital Night Vision Monocular
9.5/10 Our Rating

Last but not least on our list of best night vision scope for coyote hunting is the Boblov Digital NightVision monocular 5×8 Optics Scope Night Vision Infrared Monoculars with 16GB card for hunting Observe (P15 with 16GB card). 

Yes! You got that right. This competent scope doesn’t just come with a memory card slot for saving live stream videos and recordings, it comes also with a free 16GB Card memory card at no extra cost. 

You can also connect a USB wire directly to the monocular to transfer files. 

Of course, it comes with a great camera, video recordings, and playback features, it shoots video at a native resolution of 160p, and with its TFT viewing screen, you can review pictures and videos instantly.

This perfect night vision device from the Boblov brand features an infrared illumination that works perfectly in pitch darkness at a very far distant sight over 150yds away. In pitch darkness, you only turn on the auxiliary illuminator and adjust the LCD focus Lens to the preferred brightness level based on target distance. No need to put on the auxiliary illuminator in a slightly lightened environment.  

With its beautiful, sleek design and size, this camouflage monocular scopes is a superb choice for both day and nighttime hunting, campings, and wildlife explorations. It features a beyond-average battery capacity that’s rechargeable due to its internal battery supply.

The best deal is that this super, multi-dimensional monocular scope comes at almost half the price of other riflescopes with similar competencies and benefits. 

Other outbound accessories this product comes with include a 1x audio video cable, USB Cable, lens wiper to keep your lenses clean and durable, also a pretty bag with easy carriage straps that serves as coverage and resistance from dust or mud. 

Of course, its water-resistance quality caters to its outdoor usability. The product features a tripod mount which assures staunch position on any platform for animal viewing. 

Why We Like This Product:

  • Great infrared illumination with adjustable LCD brightness.
  • Best vision extension tool for day and night outdoor wildlife view.
  • Inherent 16GB memory card to save images and video streaming.

Final Verdict:

Boblov Digital Night Vision Monocular 5×8 Optics Night Infrared Monoculars with 16GB card for hunting observed (P15 with 16GB card) is the budget-friendly. User-friendly Monocular Riflescopes with camouflage design and feature that you want to obtain for outdoor mid to long-range shooting with its infrared illumination feature that caters for mornings to pitch dark shootings. 

5. Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope

No. 5
4. Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope
9.4/10 Our Rating

Do you yearn for inexpensive, quality night vision rifle scopes with a great bang, yet simple-to-use features? 

You surely are about to get your games on with the  Night Owl Optics Night shot Digital Night Vision Riflescope with IR Illuminator.  

For this product, you get a riflescope with super night vision performance that beats other scopes 3x its price. 

The Night Owl Optics Night shot digital Night Vision riflescope is ideally designed to offer a wide coverage of an impressive range of features for both day and nighttime hunting. 

The awesome visibility features on the other hand ensure clear focus and target for hunting in pitch dark ambiance.  

The lightweight components of the product afford very convenient carriage and the quickest opportunity for point and shoot at the target. 

Equipped with a superior infrared illuminator that sustains long-range visibility at high magnification, you conveniently zoom in on prey, illuminating them from a distance as long as 200 yards in a typical nighttime environment. 

It also has an adjustable brightness to suit the user’s image choice. This great product also comes with three different reticle types that allow for choice configurations of color to suit the current shooting environment. 

Its component objective lenses with great focal lenses and 3x magnification offer superior image quality at a focusing distance ranging from 10ft to infinity. 

With its waterproof features and properties, you’re guaranteed a resistant visual quality with safe and superb target shots even in the most inclement weather.  

The Night Owl Optics Night Shot Digital Vision Riflescope with IR illuminator is compatible with a host of handguns, shotguns, rifles, pellet guns, paintballs, airsoft, and crossbows. 

Not restricted to coyote hunting, this digital, quality scope is magnificent for other sports like hog hunting, hog hunting, varmint hunting, and military hunting. 

This superior product is user-friendly with very easy operatives, especially with its improved battery installment compartment which no longer requires you to remove scopes from rifles first. 

The battery compartment is now located on the left side of the scope! The battery quality offers a strong capacity to cater for a whole early dusk to dawn hunting coyote hunting adventure, in the least.  

This superb night rifle scope comes with a very comprehensible instruction manual for easier usability.  

Why We Like This Product:

  • Amazingly inexpensive price for its superb digital quality.
  • Superior resolution and image quality.
  • Excellent long-range visibility.

Final Verdict:

Night owl Digital Night vision rifle scope offers high technology infrared illumination and resolution which provides an excellent opportunity for coyote hunters and nighttime hunting enthusiasts broad visibility even at a long-range distance. Moreover, it’s equally suitable for day hunting.

Buyer’s Guide To Securing The Best Riflescope For Nighttime Coyote Hunting

To secure the best model of night vision riflescope for major hunting types including coyote hunting, there is a range of features to zero in on in order to purchase the best quality digital scope effective for optimum night shooting adventure.

It’s important to understand that the NightVision technology is constantly experiencing upgrades and improvements in design, accessories development, and functionalities.

From these contemporary designs though, there are specific features majorly necessary to secure the best rifle scope to not only identify your target but also aim accurately during shooting.

One upgrade factor between binoculars and riflescopes.To select the best rifle scope with optimum performance features, these are major factors to consider:

1. Infrared Illumination

For the purpose of better clarity, accurate image, and farther detection, even with little or no ambient lighting available, the infrared illuminator is essential to illuminate a field or target in pitch-black darkness, such as on moonless nights. The infrared illumination provides a spotlight view when observed through a night vision, and also extends farther than an average night vision scope.

The Infrared illuminator or infrared light comes basically in integral or attachable form. The third category is the handheld IR light Most second-generation and third-generation night vision scope brands feature integrated infrared illuminators built-in with the digital device. Most times, this device also features an adjustable lens that allows you to alter the brightness level as determined by the ambient lighting in the shooting environment.

Other night vision scope without the built-in IR light features a space for attachment of the external infrared illuminator which is detachable and functions independently, with its battery. The handheld version of the night scope comes as a night vision flashlight to be used exclusively with the night vision rifle scope.

For the infrared illuminator, it’s necessary to consider the battery capacity level of your typical night vision scope, particularly for the scope with built-in IR Light, as it functions on average to a high ultra power model. For night vision scopes with integral IR light, we would recommend an external battery for optimum nighttime performance.

2. Reticle

The reticle is the center vertical plus horizontal hairs that are observed when you look through the scope. The reticle style and illumination are some of the fundamental tools to ensure accurate target hit during shooting.

Your reticle color and pattern choice are determined by three broad factors:

1. Are you hunting small or big outdoor games?
2. Are you hunting in a complete or partial low light environment?
3. What range distance is your target sight?

For the purpose of big outdoor games, such as coyote hunting, you would need an illuminated reticle with fewer fine crosshairs that are suitable for low light shootings at long distances.

Acquiring reticles with pattern and color varieties are quite beneficial to deliver prompt and accurate target placement with no condition given the target environment.

Quite a number of night vision riflescopes are in the market, such as The OpticGuru ATN X- Sight 4K PRO 3-14x Smart Day/Night Scope W/Full HD video Rec. Smooth Zoom, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi (streaming Gallery & Control) feature up to seven reticles with different colors and patterns.

Reticles with adjustable colors are helpful mostly for maintaining reticle visibility for on scene and target contrasts to aid accurate aim and shoot on target.

3. Magnification

For the peculiarity of nighttime hunting, for example, Coyote hunting, it’s important to verify the magnification level of your selected night vision scope. Some night vision scopes designs feature a high magnification range of about 5-10x. These however come in larger and more expensive designs. Oftentimes, the higher the magnification, the bigger the scope.

Riflescopes with fixed magnification are designed with a single magnification range that is not dynamic to suit the varying shooting range. These types of designs are generally suitable for close-range shootings.

The variable scopes with varying ranges of magnification, on the other hand, affords you to alter the magnification range to suit the target distance. These designs are better choices for long-range, outdoor shootings offering between 1-10x magnification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can night vision scopes be used during the day?

A: Absolutely. Most digital night vision scopes are equally perfect sight and aim tools for daytime hunting. In fact, for each of the five-night vision scopes under review, their unique designs and accessories are adaptable for both day and night shootings.

Q: How do I sustain battery life with IR Illuminator night vision scope?

A: Simple! The IR light is only necessary for pitch dark ambiance. When not in use, or in settings with average light conditions, ensure the scopes is set to NO IR. This enhances its battery.


Acquiring the best and most suitable 2nd or 3rd generation rifle scopes for nighttime coyote hunting is essential for accurate aim and shoot of a target. A number of contemporary designs showcase multiple features and accessories, both external and integrated ones, some with a competitive advantage.

It is important to know what’s important in selecting the right feature and accessory combinations for a successful nocturnal outdoor hunting game.

In order of performance, We have rated the best quality digital night vision riflescopes with superb features and competent functions. With any of each reviewed brand, you’re certain to get the best results for a remarkable day/ night hunting experience. each of these products can be easily purchased via their respective links.

We have done this to hint you on major properties and expectations to watch out for in suitable digital night vision scopes for easier, and stress-free target shooting. Were certain this eases your shopping task too.