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Barry Bones

Barry Bones

Hi, I am Barry. I co-founded inteliscopes.com so that you get all the right advice you need with such a vitally important purchase. With my love of guns and love for teaching people I thought, heck, I need to share the knowledge I have with the world.

Gun and Precision Optics Enthusiasts

We bring you the very best hands on reviews of the best optics on the market right now.

We only provide unbiased advice and do not take any paid reviews. So please do not ask.  We give you the same advice we would give to our own family members. In fact a number of our family members are enthusiasts of varying degrees of experience from amateur to pro, and all come to us for advice! If you do want any more additional help or advice, with regards to extra details from our reviews, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.